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La mia Italia

La Mia Italia

There is an Italy still shaken, sleepless, wet, bare, the one immortalized by Tony Vaccaro in the decade 1945-1955. It is the Italy of our grandparents! A land poised between mourning and intoxication.

Shy smiles stand out on the rubble, and the abyss that normally passes between life and death, between joy and pain, becomes in those years little more than a crack. They are one and the same!

It is a bit like looking at the sun lingering low on the horizon, and not understanding if it is a sunrise or a sunset. Images captured from north to south form a poignant collection: My Italy.

The Italian-American photographer tells, with simplicity and intelligence, of a special people in a special moment. Faces, towns and cities will take us on an exciting journey back in time, experienced through the lens of a master photographer.

Tony Vaccaro

Tony Vaccaro, born in Greensburg in Pennsylvania on December 20, 1922 as Michelantonio Celestino Onofrio Vaccaro, is considered one of the most important photographers of his generation.

His link with his ancestral home of Italy, especially with Bonefro, a small town in Molise where he spent part of his youth, is very strong.

During the Second World War, he was first a scout and then a photographer for the United States Army. He has worked for imported US and international magazines such as Life, Look and Flair.

In his 80-year career, he has photographed practically everything, though he is most widely known for his photos of war and his numerous portraits of celebrities.